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This board focuses on international friendship and cultural exchange.

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Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board. ## Mod ## 09/10/16 Вск 18:32:39  616   Sticky thread   Thread closed   [Reply]
14760271592350.png (127Кб, 495x333)
Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board. There are no limits, you can post anything that does not breach the Russian law. Please, post in English, so we can understand each other well. Due to ban on Nazi propaganda and symbolics, suicide methods and child pornography in Russia, please refrain from posting materials containing any of the above. Thank you for attention.

post ur sets Anonymous  18/09/17 Пнд 15:22:35  23559   [Reply]
15057373556680.jpg (44Кб, 658x595)
post ur sets
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Anonymous  19/09/17 Втр 10:26:29  23586
USA and Russia, no contest.
Anonymous  19/09/17 Втр 10:59:10  23588
15058079504570.png (228Кб, 2768x1256)
>spents 700 billions for military
>cant do shit against norks
whats the point of having such useless army ?
Anonymous  19/09/17 Втр 12:51:09  23590
We would also have to declare war on the Chinese, who would most likely also be backed by the Russians. We have the beer military, but best does not mean perfect. We cannot fight the whole world. You should now, Hans.
Anonymous  19/09/17 Втр 12:51:55  23591
My phone autocorrected best to beer. Odd. A beer military would be fun.
Anonymous  19/09/17 Втр 16:33:46  23594
>>23559 (OP)
Ruissa + das Reich + Jews

rate https://youtu.be/Hcxslu_mFvQ Anonymous  18/09/17 Пнд 17:31:54  23562   [Reply]
15057451146530.jpg (352Кб, 2560x1707)
rate https://youtu.be/Hcxslu_mFvQ
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Anonymous  19/09/17 Втр 00:48:59  23575
do you know him personaly ???
Anonymous  19/09/17 Втр 01:03:52  23576
Yes, 2009, "Bilingua" club in Krivokolenny :D Check your mail
Anonymous  19/09/17 Втр 11:08:14  23589
what is his political programm ?
Anonymous  19/09/17 Втр 14:41:09  23592
Anonymous  19/09/17 Втр 15:35:15  23593

Realnost or not? Anonymous  19/09/17 Втр 10:23:30  23585   [Reply]
15058058110880.jpg (1688Кб, 3000x1998)
Отказ цепи вооружения
Anonymous  19/09/17 Втр 10:56:23  23587
>>23585 (OP)
you live in vladikino ?

внимание Anonymous  10/09/17 Вск 03:20:08  23120   [Reply]
15050028083890.jpg (201Кб, 1200x1200)
that tfw new buerak album
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Anonymous  12/09/17 Втр 13:25:34  23288
15052119348690.jpg (48Кб, 647x516)
rated : good

t. rater
Anonymous  12/09/17 Втр 14:16:46  23289
15052150062970.jpg (347Кб, 1260x1260)
Albanians are retarded.

i am not albanian.
Anonymous  12/09/17 Втр 16:55:37  23307
>>23120 (OP)
welkome to horezon festival
Anonymous  16/09/17 Суб 13:02:25  23494
Tfw Buerak will never come to Finlan's
Anonymous  19/09/17 Втр 07:35:18  23584
Thanks for bringing this band to my attention, great stuff. Anyone have more suggestions for contemporary Russian rock?

russians are gay, Putin sucks, mods are kuks PERKELE  17/09/17 Вск 01:26:09  23511   [Reply]
15056007701050.jpg (15Кб, 303x336)
russians are gay, Putin sucks, mods are kuks
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Anonymous  18/09/17 Пнд 10:25:39  23549
15057195400990.jpg (7Кб, 272x185)
15057195401001.jpg (586Кб, 1837x766)
15057195401052.jpg (71Кб, 1024x682)
iam actually liberal too.

we are all liberals. i like LDPR.

after 1917 revolution jews took control with communism, but then got purged by stalin and they feared this golem will crush them on day so they dismantle it--->problem with this, they created extreme liberalism, it was anarchy kind, they tought maby we can control russia this way, but then came people like putin and his commandos and since everything was allowed he kicked jews out of power, but kept them in economy like chubais.

russia is ancap right now, since 90ths jews wants to control russia, what ever type of system they use, communism, liberalism, democracy, they always get tricked by russians.

they have now huge dilema, they extremly schizophrenic now, they dont know what to choose now. they tried everything. authoritarianism(during soviet times) and extreme liberalism(during 90ths)

Anonymous  18/09/17 Пнд 10:40:44  23550
>>23511 (OP)
Anonymous  18/09/17 Пнд 10:47:36  23554
15057208570750.jpg (105Кб, 1280x871)
15057208570761.png (46Кб, 256x256)
15057208570762.jpg (15Кб, 505x346)
russia now got 2 camps of liberals which fight for resources.*please notice each of this camps use nationalists and communists as coverup to hurt eachother interest

liberal compromat = old type of liberals from 90th very criminal like chodorkovski, greff, nemtsov, nabuilina. their only power is russian "national" bank which doesnt credit russian goverment but only job is to keep interest rate high so the economy wont boom and entrepreneur wont take loans, but are "forced" to take loans from abroad, thus making russian economy "bleed".


neo liberals = new type of liberals which emerged during 90ths, just by accident, since everyting was vale tudo, the most skilled ones got into power with capitalistic and liberal means. and this commandos under putin are knowns as petersburg clan. they believe in capitalism and liberty from western occupation but think this western capitalist model is extremly good. they just want to keep everything in russia. they dont want to steal from russia and put it somewhere else. they want to steal from russia and keep it in russia, hehe.

liberals vs liberals
Anonymous  19/09/17 Втр 02:05:35  23579
Russian liberals are libertarians. Not left.
Anonymous  19/09/17 Втр 02:32:19  23582

Did you ditch school? How many? I skipped a lot and then left. Did not finish high school. I have no education and no future. Anonymous  12/09/17 Втр 16:33:02  23301   [Reply]
15052231829730.jpg (167Кб, 1920x1080)
Did you ditch school? How many? I skipped a lot and then left. Did not finish high school. I have no education and no future.
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Anonymous  15/09/17 Птн 20:37:36  23455
15054970562420.jpg (34Кб, 604x604)
>>23301 (OP)
Many rich people left their schools. Public education disinforms and only teaches to obey. If you're the boss, you don't have to obey as much.
Anonymous  # OP  15/09/17 Птн 20:52:59  23456
You're right partly. Besides now there will be a wave with robotization. Maybe I'm waiting for something interesting in this marvelous new world. And maybe not.
In addition, schools are different. Musical, for example. My mother received a musical education and she is a wonderful person.
Anonymous  19/09/17 Втр 02:00:37  23578
I want to go out in the morning and look at the leaf fall. Go to the park to the river. But in the morning there are already people. Yes, and did not go out for 4 months already.
Anonymous  19/09/17 Втр 02:10:13  23580
Fuck you, the world is outside the apartment. I'm staying at home. For a long time.
Anonymous  19/09/17 Втр 02:11:00  23581
Depression in a long 10 years is not a joke.

angry kot thread Anonymous  18/09/17 Пнд 15:29:12  23560   [Reply]
15057377523490.webm webm file (7580Кб, 960x540, 00:01:25)
>day boku mnya
>atta boku brad
>a day mnya boku
>a day boku mnya
>a burrie stota koya
>boku mya day
>burrie boku mya day

Typical Russian uncomprehending behaviour to what's left of an imprisoned kot's natural behaviour.

It's the behaviour a kot displays to protect his prey from other cats. Now he does this to protect the bread he caught from you, being unable to hunt naturally, and you're completely ignorant, reprimanding him and taking it personal.

>Why my kot so difficult today

You prefer to imprison a semi-domesticated animal in your two bedroom commieblock apartment so that it's with you whenever you're home, get angry at it when it destroys your stuff in an attempt to desperately satisfy what's left of its curiousity, and lecture those who hold free access to the outdoors for their cats sacred but consequently have to have them castrated?
Anonymous  18/09/17 Пнд 21:37:25  23568
>using "bulka" instead of "khleb"
>Typical Russian
Anonymous  18/09/17 Пнд 23:29:39  23570
>>23560 (OP)
thats post very autistic.

good analize

rate Anonymous  17/09/17 Вск 19:33:35  23532   [Reply]
15056660155880.png (80Кб, 1280x1024)
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фили...  17/09/17 Вск 21:28:34  23541
15056729147830.jpg (32Кб, 400x400)
Anonymous  17/09/17 Вск 22:31:59  23543
>also the actual meaning of the word ire is hilarious!!!
redpill me on it
Anonymous  18/09/17 Пнд 00:11:32  23544
viha use translate.google.com
Anonymous  18/09/17 Пнд 00:51:19  23545
Anonymous  18/09/17 Пнд 18:07:12  23564
>>23532 (OP)
Where's greater Serbia?

.webm #2 Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 17:00:58  18000   [Reply]
14930424591020.webm webm file (2227Кб, 400x224, 00:00:35)
предыдущий: >>6902 (OP)
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Anonymous  12/09/17 Втр 00:58:35  23261
no, I hear voices in the beggining
Anonymous  12/09/17 Втр 10:48:00  23271
gegiraeee dhe shooo he said
Anonymous  12/09/17 Втр 15:59:29  23299
ok, so its not deutsch.
Anonymous  16/09/17 Суб 14:20:18  23498
Crystal Castles - Kept
Anonymous  18/09/17 Пнд 12:01:21  23558
15057252812720.webm webm file (3649Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:14)

redpill me on black niggers. Anonymous  18/09/17 Пнд 04:35:13  23547   [Reply]
15056985138870.jpg (101Кб, 869x674)
redpill me on black niggers.
Anonymous  18/09/17 Пнд 04:57:11  23548
most ancient and most powerful race on yearth
enjoy it. its like having Adam alive in our times
Anonymous  18/09/17 Пнд 10:43:01  23551
15057205814650.jpg (588Кб, 1280x1829)
>>23547 (OP)
They are kings of this planet and are dominant sign of human population.
Anonymous  18/09/17 Пнд 11:00:09  23557
15057216094260.jpg (196Кб, 580x350)
>>23547 (OP)
well CIA tried to genocide them with AIDS. blacks have every low IQ and are hard to control, they chimp out a lot. now they try to racemix and put europian dna into their body, they want to slowly bleach them.

i know many think europian dna is recessive, but thats a lie, after many many generations they will turn white. their will be new type of race build, which is strong like black but cucky and submissive like Europeans.

muffled screaming Anonymous  15/09/17 Птн 18:40:46  23450   [Reply]
15054900465620.png (41Кб, 500x500)
muffled screaming
Anonymous  15/09/17 Птн 19:08:01  23451
>>23450 (OP)
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> muffled screaming Anonymous  15/09/17 Птн 21:40:46 №23450   [Re
Is this an epic new mene?
Anonymous  15/09/17 Птн 19:16:47  23453
15054922071980.jpg (365Кб, 1258x925)
an new mene has'd been borne'd again'st
Anonymous  16/09/17 Суб 08:22:34  23485
why are russians 1 day and 4 hrs behind?
Anonymous  18/09/17 Пнд 10:53:16  23556
Oh man you are from the future!

Why int is so fucking sucks today? Anonymous  22/05/17 Пнд 09:13:42  19186   [Reply]
14954336225240.jpg (67Кб, 247x453)
Why int is so fucking sucks today?
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Anonymous  29/05/17 Пнд 05:10:44  19555
That's a huge bitch!
Anonymous  29/05/17 Пнд 05:14:37  19556
ikr? thx!
Anonymous  31/05/17 Срд 00:26:00  19655
What does this mutant even eats? Leaves? Grass? Christian babies' blood?
Anonymous  16/09/17 Суб 15:50:52  23501
Anonymous  18/09/17 Пнд 10:51:08  23555
15057210686870.jpg (315Кб, 1200x1600)
>Russian boy behind
I now solemnly declare this first and most epic mene in dvach's int history. Pls force it and subscribe!))

Last year I met a dude from New Zealand who came to Moldova to learn Russian. I asked why not in Russia? He said its dangerous lol. Why you gringos are so scared of Russia? Anonymous  16/09/17 Суб 00:37:42  23475   [Reply]
15055114627170.jpg (20Кб, 236x316)
Last year I met a dude from New Zealand who came to Moldova to learn Russian. I asked why not in Russia? He said its dangerous lol. Why you gringos are so scared of Russia?
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Anonymous  16/09/17 Суб 10:27:58  23489
True. Moldovans are sort of eastern-European Mexicans.
Anonymous  16/09/17 Суб 11:00:15  23490
Again, last year on 9-th May, there was Victory parade in the capital with...NATO (99% american) militaries. The day before, nato exhibited their equipment, vehicles and all shit. I went there, approached one hamvee, looked in and saw a black dude doing something inside. Even though I had soviet symbols on me I said friendly and smiling "hey whats up?" I didnt even call him nigger lol. His face got pale. He didnt say anything but called with shaking voice his commander colonel, who told me in Russian not to bother privates as they are on their duty.
Definitely they accept all Soviet, Russian, eastern Slavic as hostile.
Anonymous  16/09/17 Суб 12:52:01  23492
Anonymous  16/09/17 Суб 17:35:50  23504
15055725510620.jpg (30Кб, 530x828)
>some Soviet symbols on me
like this ?
Anonymous  18/09/17 Пнд 10:46:56  23553
>>23475 (OP)
I dunno why they scare such a simple things like open manholes. Some canadian hockey player left in panic Russia during last lockut in nhl becoz he saw one. Chickens

GOD BLESS ISRAEL! Anonymous  10/12/16 Суб 07:44:25  8572   [Reply]
14813450653570.jpg (184Кб, 1100x732)
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Anonymous  14/09/17 Чтв 01:46:30  23402
Anonymous  14/09/17 Чтв 19:34:24  23428
Anonymous  15/09/17 Птн 15:04:06  23449
>>8572 (OP)
Yey, G-d Bless Shalom Isroel!
Anonymous  17/09/17 Вск 03:07:19  23521
A proper way to treat women! Source?
Anonymous  18/09/17 Пнд 10:44:18  23552

My cedences. Anonymous  17/09/17 Вск 21:36:40  23542   [Reply]
15056734010110.jpg (33Кб, 610x340)
My cedences.

tfw caught by kot Anonymous  16/09/17 Суб 22:31:43  23508   [Reply]
15055903039990.webm webm file (3717Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:13)
tfw caught by kot
Anonymous  17/09/17 Вск 02:55:55  23519
15056061559930.webm webm file (5786Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:24)
>>23508 (OP)
Anonymous  17/09/17 Вск 03:00:14  23520
15056064150190.webm webm file (4720Кб, 640x360, 00:00:55)
Anonymous  17/09/17 Вск 03:15:33  23522
15056073334360.webm webm file (1724Кб, 460x574, 00:00:20)

me rate Anonymous  17/09/17 Вск 00:12:46  23509   [Reply]
15055963666060.jpg (67Кб, 500x451)
me rate
Anonymous  17/09/17 Вск 00:20:35  23510
KFC man

me rate Anonymous  11/09/17 Пнд 21:51:18  23233   [Reply]
15051558785980.png (193Кб, 633x473)
me rate
Anonymous  11/09/17 Пнд 22:09:58  23238
15051569985260.jpg (108Кб, 321x425)
Anonymous  12/09/17 Втр 22:29:21  23362
Anonymous  16/09/17 Суб 20:42:56  23506
kill yourself paskanaama
Anonymous  16/09/17 Суб 21:39:21  23507

Ma condos. Anonymous  15/09/17 Птн 21:09:43  23460   [Reply]
15054989840490.jpg (33Кб, 610x340)
Ma condos.
Anonymous  15/09/17 Птн 21:16:02  23463
Anonymous  16/09/17 Суб 20:33:55  23505
what did he mean by this

me Anonymous  16/09/17 Суб 14:09:34  23497   [Reply]
15055601742370.jpg (252Кб, 1280x960)
Anonymous  # OP  16/09/17 Суб 16:06:05  23503